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House calls: home health amenities of the rich and famous

The Mortgage Reports – Money can’t buy health. The best health amenities don’t necessarily ensure the best health. In 2009, Michael Jackson died from a tragic overdose in a rented Holmby Hills mansion. For most, the shocking news was unfathomable. The King of Pop was gone, victimized by a medical treatment typically reserved for hospitals or surgery centers. How could this happen? The hard lesson—money talks, and sometimes it cuts corners. Truth is, the super rich routinely integrate convenient health-centric amenities into their multi-million dollar digs. Including fitness studios, Hammam spas, hair salons, massage and aromatherapy rooms, Vitamin C showers, and yes, even high-tech medical rooms. Why? Because they can. Call it an indulgence, professional convenience or ego, the über wealthy spare no expense—the investment is well(ness) worth it.

Even condos are getting into the act. Akoya Boca West in Boca Raton, Florida (located at the Boca West Country Club) coordinates on-site, in-home doctor visits for its residents via a 24/7 concierge—all as part of a healthy living lifestyle program. This program also offers a variety of community-based health education, prevention programs, on-site health screenings, nutrition counseling, and dedicated health navigation services, oh — and a 38,000 square foot spa.

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